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hi! I am one of these people who loves to have a few irons in the fire. 🔥🔥Right now, I have three main projects that I am working on, in addition to my public speaking.

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Everyone hates how much they are on their phone, but no one seems to know what to do about it. My company, Mindful Technology, teaches technologists how to build for real connection–and offers users a way to engage more mindfully. 


My passion project :: EFF THIS! MEDITATION

I created EFF THIS! Meditation for people who are busy, annoyed, or just plain over it. Is that you? Join in!


My 2019 book :: #EFFTHISBOOK

Gahhhh so excited to announce presale info so soon! EFF THIS! Meditation: 108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You’re Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed will be released by Quarto on October 22, 2019. Sign up for my newsletter to get info about when it comes out!



If you're interested in working together on any of my projects, fill out the contact form here and let me know what kind of magic you'd like to create together. 🔮