golden milk: ginger + turmeric latte recipe ✨


People go crazy for golden milk–and why not? It's a delicious way to get a dose of ultra-healthy turmeric, and is the perfect warm and cozy beverage for bedtime. One twist on golden milk that the fam and I really enjoyed recently was a ginger + turmeric latte from Goop.

Here's my modified version of that recipe: 



1 T turmeric root, finely chopped

1 T ginger root, finely chopped 

1 T organic maple syrup 

pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt 

big pinch of black pepper, freshly ground 

2 C unsweetened almond milk (or milk of your choice) 


Throw everything but the almond milk in a blender. Heat the almond milk on the stovetop until it just barely starts to simmer. Pour the almond milk in the blender over the other ingredients, and blend it for a long time–until it's nice and frothy. (Careful while you blend; it's hot!) 

Pour into mugs and enjoy. 🍵 

Pro tips // 

  • If it piques your interest, you can also trying adding cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, nutmeg, or some vanilla. 
  • A good blender makes this recipe much easier; here's the one I have. (If you want a Vitamix but also want to save some cash, you can get a refurbished one through the company's website!)
  • For more info about turmeric's amazing health benefits–and other ways to consume it–read all about it in this blog post. 

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