🎥 watch this: "Hannah Gadsby: Nanette"

photo Alan Moyle

photo Alan Moyle

I just watched a show that left me almost speechless.

I don't normally watch stand-up comedy, as I have found that most comedy is hate masquerading as humor. But, something told me to watch this one, and I'm so grateful that I did. 

"Hannah Gadsby: Nanette" bills itself as a stand-up comedy special, but it's so much more than that. It's a heartfelt, vulnerable, searing critique of misogynystic culture and the damage it's done to all of us, told through the lens of one woman's personal experiences. 

Gadsby masterfully does something that I was taught long ago: to speak from a place of personal experience. People can argue facts (ugh), they can argue opinions, but they can't argue about your personal experience. It's the beauty and the truth of it. We are all the experts in our own lives. No one else is. 

After I watched it, with my hand on my heart and tears in my eyes, I searched to learn more about it, and it turns out, I'm not the only one who was blown away. The NYT has a roundup of some of the many things that have been said about her special. 

Do yourself a favor: watch it. And keep watching, even if you feel uncomfortable. Her story, like all of ours, deserves to be heard. 

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