📚read: your EFF THIS! book recommendations


Recently on my EFF THIS! Meditation Instagram account I shared some books that have changed my life and asked you to share your own. The response warmed my heart.

Books are amazing –– they are, on one hand, just ink and paper, but on the other hand, they can completely alter our circumstances. They can shift mindsets, take us to distant lands and other dimensions, and develop compassion in a way that is pure alchemy.

All of the recommendations are collected together here for easy perusal; they will also live on under “books to read” in the account’s permanent stories. I included Amazon affiliate links here (because, easy) but I encourage you to consider finding these books through other channels, such as local bookstores or libraries, because those are the things that make our world better. :)

What other books have changed your life for the better? Drop them in the comments below 👇🏽and we’ll do this again!

(I am so excited to read the ones here that I haven’t read yet!)

xo, Liza