Pre-orders are open!

A sneak peek of the inside!

A sneak peek of the inside!

I am so delighted to announce that pre-orders are now open for #EFFTHISBOOK! It will ship Oct 22, 2019.

I’ll be announcing freebies shortly, so buy your book now and get all the free stuff as soon as it’s announced.

The book is full color, beautifully illustrated, and packed with practical, hands-on tips for how to deal with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. Get out of the shitstorm in your head and back into a place of peace! ✌🏽

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Here is the full description:

Are you stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed? Get out of the storm swirling in your head—and into the peaceful place inside you. Eff This! Meditation will help you let that crap go…with 108 hands-on practices rooted in humor, love, straight talk, and a deep respect for the foundational teachings of Buddhism. If you’re ready to throw your hands in the air and yell “Eff This!” you are not alone—and this book can help.
You already know that you should meditate, and that meditation will make you happier and healthier. But you’re tired and irritated, and every time you try to meditate, your mind races and you can't stop thinking about that jerk at work. If this describes you, then this might be just what you need. This is not a joke, this is real meditation—and really effective practices—for everyday life. This book is a reference for you to come back to again and again. Integrate these tips into your daily life, or pull it off the shelf when you need a boost.

Learn to celebrate the small victories in life with a “to done” list. Release yourself from phone addiction with a digital detox plan. Get your body out of stress mode by practicing diaphragmatic breathing. Be transported, and open your heart with a pick-me-up playlist. These are just a few of the simple, practical strategies that will help you find your center.

Eff This! Meditation is a Shamatha (mindfulness-awareness) practice rooted in radical compassion for self, and presented in 108 tips, tricks, and ideas. They are all centered on the idea that, as humans, we might not be “finished,” but we are complete. Everything you need to attain enlightenment is already contained within you, and you can use meditation—and these practices—to connect with it.

The book offers 108 exercises, organized by the amount of time you have to help you respond to your current effing context.

There are a number of ways you can dive into the book:

  • Read it all the way through

  • Flip through and mark what seems interesting

  • Try all of the techniques, one by one

  • Grab the book in a panic and thumb through until something sticks out

  • Open the book to a random page and do that thing

  • However the eff you want; it’s your book now

Can’t wait to share!

xo, Liza