🎵EFF THIS! Meditation summer playlist is here 🎵


The members of the EFF This! Meditation community and I have collaborated on a pretty freaking rad summer playlist! It’s low down chill and super high vibe all at the same time.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to + download the playlist here, as well as add any tunes you think should be on there! It’s free and open to all. (If you don’t have Spotify, leave a comment below or message me and I’ll add your songs to the playlist. If I missed adding your songs, please let me know!) If you want to recreate the playlist on another platform, it’s embedded down below. If you do that, please share the link so I can pass it along. :)

There are three songs that other people added that I have had on repeat because I am obsessed with them: Anxiety by Julia Michaels with Selena Gomez, You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby by IDER, and the best cover I have ever heard of Landslide by Dagny. And my own current fave that I am so excited to share is I’m on Fire by Chromatics.

LMK what you think! And please add anything; this is totally collaborative. Happy summer! xx

ps I’m sending out weekly emails now. If you’re interested, get on the list!