be like water


I choose to be water. 

I choose to be water now instead of fire. When I was fire, I burned bright, and hot, and strong. I forged paths and I blazed trails and I changed things. I lit the way for myself and for other people who were seeking in the darkness. 

When I was fire, and I was at my best, I lit torches that weren't mine; I lent my spark. And I watched those fires grow and I was proud and happy and warmed. 

Through my heat and intensity and my sheer irascibility, I took rocks and I made them molten. I took steel and I made it melt. I burnt that shit to the ground. I didn't mean to, but sometimes, when I was fire, I left scorched earth behind me. I burned people. I burned myself. I burned it at both ends. I flamed out. Fire and ashes and smoke. 

I used to be fire. But now I choose to be water. 

I choose to stop fighting and stop trying to change things. I choose to find the easiest path to where I am going. I choose to flow. I choose to dance like the waves, pushed and pulled by the liquid moon. 

I choose to nurture and to let things be what they are. I am dark and cold and deep. Sometimes I am clear, and sometimes I am murky, but I am always full of life. Water is life. Still or deluged, I am the same. 

I wash away the old. I cleanse, and I comfort. I used to carry a torch, but now I make wakes. I follow the current. I come in when the tides are right, or I stop fighting and I float. 

Rain and waves and teardrops. I am seeking, but it is easy. I just let go. 

I am water now. 


(Image of record pool above is by artist Slime Sunday; image below is uncredited.)