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I'm writing a new book, and am seeking contributors to help me make it the best that it can possibly be. Will you help?

Here's the scoop: virtually everyone I know is exhausted, and stressed out, and almost all the women I know (and some of the men) are sick, with either chronic illness or immune system problems, or plain old what-the-fuck-is-happening fatigue. I don't know what's happening either, but I do know that there are simple, straightforward, easy, and free things we can do to take better care of ourselves.


My new book is called:


The tips included in my book aren't showy, or drastic. They include über-simple breathing exercises, subtle reflexology points, and uncomplicated steps towards a more #unplugged life. The book is designed to give you options to try when you get that feeling of "I just can't anymore." The tips are organized by the amount of time required (anywhere from one minute to an hour+), and can be cross-referenced by feeling (anxiety, anger) or by the thing you've been using to cope (over-eating, mindless scrolling on social media.) Many of the tips take just a few moments, and often they can be done privately, without anyone knowing you are "coping." 

I'm in the editing stages of the book, and as I've been telling people about it, I've gotten a lot of awesome new ideas to fold in. So I am asking you right now: what small but effective strategies do you use to help yourself feel better? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A walk outside without your phone 
  • Self foot massage 
  • A particularly lovely stretch 
  • Creating a "to-done" list at the end of the day
  • A personal mantra that helps you get through the bullshit 
  • A cuddle pile with your pets 

You can leave your strategies and ideas the comments below, shout out to me on Twitter or Instagram, send them through my contact form, or email me at (myname) at gmail (dot) com. Everyone that offers up an idea will get listed and thanked in the book, whether or not it gets used. (Or make a note with your suggestion if you prefer to stay anonymous.)

THANK YOU for caring, sharing, and giving a shit about other people's well-being! 


ps This project, like so many in my life, started with a list. I started making this simple self-care list for my daughter, who recently turned 18 and keeps threatening to grow up and leave the house. Then, I got this adorable handmade book from my mother (pic below) and I realized.... why not make this list into a book? Why not spread this as far as possible? Once the book is published, I hope to find a partner who can help me turn it into a free app, so that these simple, powerful techniques can reach as many people as possible. We ALL deserve to know how to help ourselves feel a little bit better. ✨

My mom made this –– she is so creative!

My mom made this –– she is so creative!

Manuscript in progress...

Manuscript in progress...

I'd like to turn the book into a free app –– if you work for an experienced app dev company that is driven by this idea, please get in touch! 

I'd like to turn the book into a free app –– if you work for an experienced app dev company that is driven by this idea, please get in touch! 

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