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Have you ever had your aura photo taken? Nika and I had ours done today in a tiny silver tent by the appropriately nicknamed Radiant Human, aka Christina Londsale. 

What is aura photography? 

Aura photography uses a small device (a biofeedback receptor, coated in silver) that the subject places their hands on, which measures the electromagnetic currents running through everyone's body, and uses that information to create a picture of our own unique electromagnetic field. Each human's electricity field is unique, and each of our own body's fields vary over time. I keep thinking of my dad, who recently had a pacemaker put in due to misfires in his own body's electrical system, and wondering how those might have manifested in his own aura. 

Wherever you stand on the existence of "auras" in the spiritual sense* it's certainly fascinating to be able to have a view of a system in our own body that we typically forget we even have. We're electric! 📡

Christina shared a bit of her own personal philosophy with us: she sees herself as an artist, not a healer. She's photographed over 26,000 people's auras (!) and is on a personal mission to understand the relationships between people and their auras / colors. She's taken her art to The Whitney, and been written about by VOGUE, Vanity Fair, and goop, among many others. The New York Times called her the "Annie Leibovitz of aura photographers." 😍

What do the aura colors mean? 

There are separate areas of the aura (as illustrated in Radiant Human's card in the picture below.) The top half of the head––and the area above and around it––represents our thoughts and our consciousness. It's what's going on inside our proverbial heads. Areas below that and on the person's left (the right of the picture) represent our persona, or the energy that we're putting out into the world; it's our public facing persona. The areas below the top of the head and to the person's right (left on the picture)  represent our inner energy and our own lenses through which we see the world. 

A reading with  Radiant Human  includes this explanatory card.

A reading with Radiant Human includes this explanatory card.

Here is Christina's breakdown of the colors, as she listed on the other side of her card: 

Red aura 

Strength, will power, new beginnings, leadership, action, practicality, passion.

Orange aura 

Creative, dynamic, independent, collaborative, adaptable, loves a challenge. 

Tan aura

Detail oriented, cautious, logical, strategic, results driven, highly intelligent, works well with structure. 

Yellow aura 

Optimistic, enthusiastic, open minded, loves variety and freedom, generous, playful, whimsical. 

Green aura 

Growth, goal-oriented, determined, perfectionist, ambitious, self assertive, adaptable, long term awareness. 

Blue aura

Depth of feeling, trust, devotion, loyalty, nurturing personal relationships, supportive, intuitive, sensitive. 

Purple aura 


Visionary, unconventional, non judgemental, playful, loves to be inspired and delight others. 

White aura

Open minded, big picture oriented, too many options, confusion, non judgemental, intense. 


What does my aura mean? 

I wish I had recorded the complete aura interpretation from Christina, but I was too busy ruminating on it in real time. For me, intuition and sensitivity (blue) are above all. The area of my outer persona was almost blank; she said this represents skepticism. And my own internal lens is colored by every color in the rainbow.... it seems that I have a lot going on inside; she correctly guessed that I am trying to do way too many things at once. 

Christina also told this to VOGUE, which is close to what she said to me,

A rainbow! Rainbows are gorgeous to look at, but it just means there’s a lot going on, and similar to a supernova, the potential for burnout is near. Sometimes I get people who identify as empaths, and they rainbow constantly. At this state they don’t seem to be too overwhelmed, just extremely sensitive, like they are exposed and have no way of filtering through external stimulation.
— Christina Londsale in VOGUE

🌈  I feel that. :) #empathlife

I'll let Nika keep her reading private –– but oh, what a beaming beauty my child is! :) All the pictures below are from the @radianthuman_ Instagram, which you should follow immediately and enjoy forever. Snaps I chose to here include the tent setup, and Christina beaming from behind the camera. If you ever have a chance to have your aura photographed by the Radiant Human that is Christina, jump on it! ✨


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