🧘🏽you can meditate anywhere (really!)


Recently on the EFF THIS! meditation Instagram account, I asked what kinds of non-traditional places people have meditated. The answers were really fun!

As I mentioned on that post, I have recently meditated in a NYC subway station, on an airplane and at an airport, at The Wing, at Piazza Navona in Rome, at MNDFL, and of course, at home on my cushion (I love it; it’s from project.full).

Here are some other surprising places people mentioned they’ve meditated lately:

  • At their desk at work

  • With their pet bunny in their arms

  • In the bathroom (because the door locks!)

  • In the actual bath 🛀

  • While gardening

  • At the dentist

  • At the doctor’s office

  • At the DMV

  • In bed (a common one)

  • In the lounge of a shared BnB

What I love about this is that is shows that it is possible to meditate in a ton of places. While it’s ideal to meditate in a place and time where we won’t be interrupted, life just isn’t always ideal–and so to keep a regular meditation practice going, compromises often have to be made. And that’s cool!

Several people mentioned that headphones can help a lot, as well as sunglasses if you are in a public place. I agree with wholeheartedly! My go-to background music for public meditation is a Solfeggio Frequencies playlist I found on Spotify.

Wherever you are, remember that as long as it is safe for you and those around you, you can stick to your regular meditation practice, and even bring short meditations into your everyday life.