💬 quote: Jane Fonda


After watching the documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts, I ended up in tears. Her honesty about her mistakes, her regrets, her traumatic childhood, and her struggle for identity exudes such power. In owning–and talking openly about–all of who she is and what she’s been through, she inspires realness.

I was especially touched by the last thing she says in the film:

I had spent so much of my life feeling if I’m not perfect, no one can love me. And then... I realized that trying to be perfect is a toxic journey. We’re not perfect. We have to love our shadow. We have to embrace and accept our shadows. And sometimes good enough is good enough.
— Jane Fonda

Indeed – we are not broken and we are good enough the way we are, right now. This includes me, and it includes you.

You can watch the trailer below. Take good care.

xo, Liza