💬quote: Reginald "Reggie" Ray


One of the biggest problems with most styles of meditation, in my opinion, is that they tend to leave the body behind–and I believe that our wisdom lives in our bodies.

Many spiritual practices aim to transcend the physical realm, or they focus mostly on thoughts, or on the sensory perceptions that live in our heads (like sight and sound.) On a retreat a few years into my practice, I asked a teacher how to work with the energetic changes I felt in my body and I was told to ignore them and keep meditating. Uh, no thanks!

Lately I’ve been reading and putting into practice Reginald Ray’s book The Awakening Body and am finding it is connecting a lot of dots for me. This quote sums it’s point of view up quite nicely:

. . . true enlightenment is only attainable by not seperating ourselves and withdrawing from our life, our body, our emotions and relationships, from the totality of this rugged, gritty, human incarnation of ours.
— Reginald A. Ray in "The Awakening Body"

I can’t wait to share more about what I am learning, and to incorporate it into my teachings.

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