my work is . . . in the Smithsonian?!

How’s this for a side door into one of the greatest museums on the planet:

A couple of years ago, I conceived and produced a photoshoot for a print magazine I created for a past business. This shoot was centered on the New York Fashion Tech Lab–specifically it’s founder and funder, the powerhouse entrepreneur Kay Koplovitz, and the founders selected for that year’s cohort.

Last year, something amazing happened: as part of a show about Kay at the National Portrait Gallery, they decided to use our photo. Gahhh wow!! 😀😀

I conceived and produced the shoot, but really it’s the work of of a whole team of people–namely the fantastic photographer Tory Williams and the stylist Megan Pfiffner. We shot it at The Garrett in the East Village in NYC.

Pretty cool, eh?

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