reverend liza kindred


I act as a host and emcee for a variety of events, but my absolute favorite thing to do is to marry two beautiful people. 

In 2001, in order to perform the legal marriage of two friends, I became ordained as a minister in the non-denominational Universal Life Church. Since that time, I have been blessed to be able to perform many weddings – and I am delighted to say that everyone I have married in these past years remains wedded today. (!) 

As a meditation teacher and reiki master, I am delighted to be able to offer wedding officiant services that go beyond saying a few words–I offer healing, support, and connection for the bride/s and groom/s. I also offer ways to get the entire wedding party into a place of peace and love. 

No bride- or groom-zillas here; I officiate weddings for people who are bursting with love and luminosity. 💖💖

I put my all of my heart and massive amounts of energy into my work, and as such, I charge a luxury-level price. If you're as committed to making the world a better place as you are to your future spouse, contact me to talk rates + availability.