holiday shopping: 5 things I am legitimately obsessed with

Dagne Dover’s founders.

Dagne Dover’s founders.


For this year’s holiday gift guide, I have put together a short list of five things that I am honestly, completely in love with and use all the time in my daily life. No hype, all genuine love.

As a bonus, they are all available from women-owned small businesses, created by people I know and admire. Although some of these things were first gifted to me, there are no kickbacks here–– just spreading the real, true love! If you’re looking for gifts that show your love while supporting women-owned businesses, this is a great place to start.

  1. Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bags

These are the best travel bags I have ever used, full stop. They are scrunchable, have a million thoughtful pockets, and come in a bunch of sizes and colors. You can even throw them in the washer! Numerous flight attendants have taken down the name of these bags when they see me using them in the wild; they are chic but also stand up to real travel needs.

I use the large size (in heather grey) as my personal carry-on bag; I can fill it up with stuff and it still slides under the seat. Nika uses the XL size (in storm) as a weekend bag. They are such great, thick material that I sometimes use my bag as a pillow to rest on during especially long hauls.

By the way, Dange Dover makes great work bags, too, and offers discounts to both teachers and the military.


2. Project Full Meditation Cushions

Designed by an architect, I can’t gush enough about the ergonomics of these cushions. I have never used a cushion set (at home or in any meditation center, ever) that has held me in such a perfect position that I felt like my own personal energy increased. There is something about the way I am able to sit on this cushion set that makes me feel like the energy travels up my spine more quickly, and that I can breathe more easily. It is really something. Instead of just a place to sit while I meditate, these are a fully integrated practice tool for me.

My set is the rosewood color, and it is just gorgeous. They are 100% organic and completely handmade in San Francisco by the non-profit Designing a Difference, which offers jobs to those facing employment barriers. There are cheaper meditation cushion sets, but I love every single thing about these cushions and how they are made––and I recommend them with my whole heart. They also have cool handles to carry or hang them from, and you can even get scent packs to put inside the cushion to add another cool element to your practice. I imagine myself teaching in a studio full of these cushions one day! There are absolutely top notch. 👌🏽👌🏽You can use code HOLIDAY30 to get $30 off a cushion set and a free eye pillow and free US shipping. Get to it!


3. Modern Ritual Crystals

Kundalini teacher Valerie Saranjeet Kaur Oula is one of those people who, when you meet them, you want to sit even closer to so you can soak up their energy. (Sorry if that’s creepy, Valerie! Don’t crowd her, friends.) Luckily for us, she curates a selection of crystals through her shop, Modern Ritual, that are not only stunningly pretty, they are “energetically curated, cleansed and activated with reiki, mantra, gong vibration and energy work” which means that these puppies absolutely GLOW with energy.

How do you pick out a crystal for someone (or for yourself)? You just feel it out, go with your first instinct! Valerie also sells candles and clearing sprays; I sent my spray with Nika on her gap year travels and I, um, can’t wait for her to bring it home. While our personal energy is our own responsibility, a good way to start raising our own vibration is to bring luminous objects into our lives. My crystals from Valerie are among the most powerful I’ve ever had or held.


4. SuperFit Hero workout pants

When you read the rave reviews about SuperFit Hero workout leggings, you might be like, “yeah, maybe” but then when you put them on, you might be like “Holy crap I am never buying any other workout leggings again ever in my life!!!” because that is 100% how I felt.

Founder Micki Krimmel is a pioneer in body positivity (the leggings come in sizes XS-5XL) but there is no sacrificing quality for good intentions here; they are just plain the best leggings out there. Thick but hella sweat-wicking, high-waisted but ultra comfortable, and not one but two phone pockets make them the absolute ultimate. Honestly, in addition to working out in them, I also love to travel in mine; I wear them as regular leggings on long flights, and they are soft, keep my temp comfy, and the pockets are so great. Also, they are ethically made in LA. Win-win-win.

I obviously took this picture in sunnier times.

I obviously took this picture in sunnier times.


5. Spruce & Co Screen Cleaning Wipes

Stocking stuffer time! I have used a lot of different kinds of screen cleaning wipes, and these are simply the best – so good in fact, that they are the ones we use at the end of our Mindful Technology workshops when we invite people to take their phone out of the “phone box” and clean up their physical technology the same way they just cleaned up their digital tech.

Unlike other wimpy wipes, these are big, thick, and juicy. They are all natural, made in the US, and come from a women-owned company. I have a recurring to do list item to clean off my teach once a week during flu season; it prevents germs which is awesome, but I also happen to think that we treat our technology different when it is in good shape. You can use our code (‘mindfultech’) to get a 20% discount.

Okay, go shop!

xo, Liza

ps. For last year’s holiday gift guide, I put together a round up of cool stuff made by some very cool people that I know–and all of those recommendations hold strong this year!